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SWA Architects have designed numerous house extensions and conversions, from one-off houses, to flats, multiple and mixed developments.

If you would like more information on our experience with Housing-related projects, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

Below are some brief case studies showing several example projects from this area.

A Mews Development of 10 Dwellings, Abingdon
SWA Architects | A Mews Development of 10 Dwellings, Abingdon

Developed from a planning permission obtained by others, this town centre scheme in a strictly controlled Conservation Area had to be carefully detailed. The mixture of 10 houses and flats follows the urban grain of mixed brick, colour washed walls and traditionally scaled windows and detailing.

Barn Conversion, Eynsham
SWA Architects | Barn Conversion, Eynsham

Conversion and extension of a stone outbuilding to a 2-bedroom dwelling in the grounds of a large Grade 2 Listed Building in the Conservation Area of Eynsham. By lowering the ground floor slightly it was possible to add a first floor and to retain the existing roof structure with only minor modifications.

Proposed Site Development, Banbury
SWA Architects | Proposed Site Development, Banbury

As part of their commission from Oxfordshire Ambulance NHS Trust, SWA architects prepared feasibility studies for various surplus sites with a view to obtaining outline planning permissions prior to disposal of the sites. Illustrated is a proposal for the development of the Banbury Ambulance Station in conjunction with the adjacent Fire Station.

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